Coach supervision guidelines

Only certified Gymnastics Foundations coaches may coach on their own without supervision.

GF coaches-in-training and trained GF coaches must be supervised by a certified coach (minimum GF certified, addition of Competiton 1 Trained or Level 2 technical is highly recommended).

A supervising coach can supervise simultaneously:

  • up to 10 trained GF coaches or;
  • up to two coaches-in-training plus three trained GF coaches

Because the GF intro course does not provide safety information for bars or object manipulation, the club is required to provide instruction/training and mentorship on apparatus safety before a GF coach-in-training coach is placed in a coaching scenario that uses the apparatus.

If the club provides this education, and is confident the coach-in-training can properly apply it, then that coach may coach bars or object manipulation using the supervision guidelines.


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,