BC Athlete Assistance program

The BC Athlete Assistance Program (BC AAP) is a program funded by the BC Government which provides grants to provincial sport organizations and post-secondary institutions to help athletes train and compete.

By recognizing high performance athletes (selected by provincial sport organizations and post-secondary institutions) who compete in recognized national or international competitions, the BC AAP relieves some of the financial pressures associated with training and competition needs.

Gymnastics BC focuses on supporting athletes who are in the position to compete for Team BC at the Canada Games and who are ranked just below athletes receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program funding (S1/S2 carding levels).

Program Objectives

  • To focus support to athletes in the “training to compete” and “training to win” stages of Canadian Sport for Life – Long Term Athlete Development Model;
  • To contribute to improved performances of Team BC athletes at the Canada Games;
  • To increase the number of BC athletes reaching federal carding status thus expanding BC representation on national teams and at eligible major international multi-sport Games; and
  • To assist B.C. athletes reach their athletic potential.

Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

GBC has developed sport specific selection criteria based on the criteria outlined in the BC Athlete Assistance Program guidelines, policies and procedures document. Athletes must meet a minimum performance standard to be eligible.

Available funding

The B.C. government determines the amount each organization receives on a yearly basis. The Gymnastics BC grant is received annually and is distributed within the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

Athlete eligibility

Athletes must meet sport-specific selection criteria outlined in the discipline specific GBC policies and procedures manuals available online.


In order to qualify for AAP funding the athlete must:

  • be in good standing with GBC
  • be registered to compete in the current competitive year
  • submit the completed AAP application form. Incomplete applications will be returned to the athlete. Applications not received by GBC by the stated deadline are not considered
  • attend the GBC Championships in one of the following ways:
    • compete
    • judge, coach or
    • take part in a demonstration with full or partial routines
  • wear the Team BC or National Team uniform and tracksuit at inter-provincial competitions
  • regardless of a valid injury petition at the time of the GBC Championships still participate in some capacity
  • have competed and ranked at the preceding Canadian Championships, Elite Canada or Canada Games or represented Canada internationally as selected by the national team program.

Athletes accepting AAP funding agree to support and participate in all initiatives of GBC Programming. (I.E.: attend Technical Committee designated camps, attempt to qualify for appropriate Team BC events, etc.)

Athletes accepting AAP funding agree to abide by the Team BC Code of Conduct or otherwise be subject to funding repercussions.

Note: Athletes who meet the eligibility criteria are not guaranteed BC AAP funding.

Athlete Appeal Procedure

Any athlete wishing to dispute the AAP selection process may ask, in writing, that the applicable technical committee review their decision. If technical committee’s final decision does not solve the dispute, an appeal using the Gymnastics BC appeal procedure as found in the Governance Section of the Policy and Procedure Manual may be used.

Use of Funds

Athletes receiving funding through BC AAP can spend the funding obtained for the following purposes:

  • Normal living costs
  • Costs directly associated with training (e.g. coaching, facility fees, other athlete services)
  • Costs associated with attending training camps and competitions (e.g. entry fees, travel costs)
  • Sport specific equipment (bodysuits, singlets, longs, gym shoes, grips, etc.)


Andrée Montreuil, Technical Director, 604-333-3491, amontreuil@gymbc.org