Board of Directors and PAC

Gymnastics BC has 10 Board of Directors who are both elected by Gymnastics BC’s membership and appointed by the Board of Directors on two-year terms at the Annual General Meeting and Technical Assemblies.

There are a number of specific positions on the board: Chair, Vice-Chair, Director - Finance, Women’s Technical Chair, Men’s Technical Chair, Trampoline Gymnastics Chair and Gymnastics For All Chair. Three additional directors are appointed at large to fill association needs as determined by the membership and board.

Gymnastics BC's board focuses on a number of key areas each year: determining the mission and monitoring focus of the organisation, setting policies, ensuring adequate planning for both strategic and annual operation plan, ensuring appropriate resources are in place to meet needs of the organization and working closely with the CEO and the staff to deliver the objectives and high quality services and programs to our membership and participants.

Directors also take part on the various standing and technical committees.

Board of Directors meetings are held four times a year (October, February, May and August).

2018-19 Gymnastics BC Board of Directors 

Ana Arciniega

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Katherine Campbell

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Katherine Reinhardt
Finance Director

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Mary Morice
Gymnastics For All Chair

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Michael Hood
Men's Technical Chair

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Alana Jensen
Women's Technical Chair

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Megan Conway & Rusty Pierce
Trampoline Gymnastics Chairs

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Su Bailey
Director at Large

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Sherri Taylor
Director at Large

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Missy Preston
Director at Large

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Twyla Ryan
Past Chair

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Keith Ryan
Member at Large

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Standing Committees

The following Standing Committees support the work of the Board of Directors.

Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC)

Headed by the Vice-Chair, the Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) provides members with a voice on the Board of Directors. Each regional zone is chaired by a PAC member which chairs zone meetings and meets with other PAC members.

Through the PAC meetings, the Vice-Chair is able to understand the needs of our diverse regions and ensure that their comments, concerns and ideas are heard by the board.

Vivian Hughan Zone 1 Chair  Email Vivian
Heather Ivanitz Zone 2 Chair Email Heather
Melissa Coombes Zone 3 Chair Email Melissa
George Burgoyne Zone 4 Chair Email George
Carlene Lewall Zone 5 Chair Email Carlene
Heather LaPage Zone 6 Chair Email Heather
Karl McPherson Zone 7 Chair Email Karl
Lucia Fendelet Zone 8 Chair Email Lucia

Finance and Personnel Committee

Headed by the Chair, the Finance and Personnel Committee monitors all human resource and financial matters of Gymnastics BC. The committee oversees staffing levels and validates and delivers all fiscal reports for the Board of Director meetings and AGMs.

Chair: Ana Arciniega -

Gymnastics BC Vice-Chair: Katherine Campbell -

Gymnastics BC Finance Director: Katherine

Staff Liaison: Brian Forrester -

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supplies support on all matters of governance, and provides recommendations to the board and the membership on Constitutions, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations. Supplies oversight and supports compliance to the membership on internal regulatory matters.

Chair: Ana Arciniega -

Staff Liaison: Brian Forrester-

Awards and Scholarships Committee

Chair: June Booth -

Member: Twyla Ryan -

Members @ Large: 3 Volunteer Gymnastics Community Members (changes annually)

Staff Liaison: Leanne James -