Tumbling & Trampoline Coach Level 2 (Paid Position) - CircusWest

Date Posted: October 27, 2017

Job Description:

The Tumbling and/or Trampoline Coach Level 2 teaches all levels of the CirKids program and may also coach birthday parties, school workshops and day camps. The Tumbling & Trampoline Coach Level 2 may coach adult & teen recreation classes. They teach participant groups with minimal supervision and report to the Operations Manager or appropriate Program Coordinator on duty.


Primary Responsibilities:

The primary responsibilities of the Tumbling and/or Trampoline Coach Level 2 are to teach a tumbling and/or trampoline. She/he will follow prescribed learning outcomes as set by the Operations Manager and appropriate Coordinator and assist with show development and program development as required by the Operations Manager and Coordinators.


Other Duties:

• Ensure the area is safe for the class by doing a visual check of the space and equipment at the start of each class and report concerns to the Coordinators.

• Take class attendance each day.

• Works collaboratively with other staff.

• Assist with and/or lead the group warm up.

• Provide customer service to parents and students as appropriate.

• Teach skills from skill charts.

• Assist in the set up and take down of equipment before and after class

• Attend in-service coaches training as required

• Attend staff meetings as required

• Report any injuries, accidents or incidents to the Safety & Facility Coordinator Qualifications

• Level 1 NCCP Coaching Theory certification

• Fully certified Level 1 Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics Circus West 

• Level 2 for inverted sequence for trampoline

• Respect In Sport

• Experience and a desire to work with children and youth ages 5 to 18.

• Police Records check

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