Coaching FAQ's


Looking for information about coaching gymnastics? Read through our FAQ's below to learn more! 


> Am I required to have First Aid to coach?

For all gymnastics-related activities, there must be at least one person present in the gym that holds a valid first aid certificate. Please inquire with your specific employer to determine if you are required to take first aid certification to coach at the facility.

> Do I need to be a GBC member to take a course?

Yes. You are required to be a GBC member to register for courses. You are able to become a member of GBC during the online registration process.

If you are registered with a different gymnastics PSO, you may be eligible to waive the GBC member fee. Please contact the GBC office if this applies to you.

> What is the Pre-CIT program?

This program allows young potential coaches (between the ages of 13-15) to begin training before they are eligible to participate in NCCP courses. This program incorporates training tutorials, assisting certified coaches and tasks related to coaching, officiating and administration.

Information on the Pre-CIT Program can be found on the Gymnastics Canada website.

> How do I know what I’m allowed to coach?

Coaches are only permitted to coach apparatus and skills that they have received training and/or certification for and that have been approved by Gymnastics BC.

> What can I coach with my certification?

Once you have completed NCCP courses, what you are trained to coach changes.  For a complete listing of eligible athletes, please read the Minimum Coaching Requirements the GBC website.

Additional FAQ's coming soon.