Common Terminology & Acronyms

Certified: A coach who has completed the three GF courses and the GF evaluation, OR the technical, theory and practical components required for Level 2 or 3

Coach-in-Training (CIT): A coach who has taken at least one NCCP GF training course

Coaching Association of Canada: The national governing body for sports' NCCP training programs.

Coaching portfolio: A compilation of documents including required to complete the Gymnastics Foundation certification. This includes (but is not limited to): one lesson plan, 10-week program session plan, club emergency action plan, completed GF intro workbook, etc.

National Coach Certification Program (NCCP): The Coaching Association of Canada developed the NCCP and is delivered in partnership with Gymnastics Canada.

Police Record Checks (PRC): All coaches 18 years and older (as per provincial law) must complete a PRC. Searches for pardoned sexcual offences (Vulnerable Sector Searches -VSS) must also be conducted.

Pre-Coach-in-Training (Pre-CIT): A 13-15 year old interested in coaching and and is directly assisting a certified coach and is not age eligible to start NCCP Gymnastics Foundations (GF) training.

Respect in Sport (RiS): A mandatory grassroots online program that all coaches 15 years and older (including Pre-CITs and CITs) must complete.

Supervising coach: A supervising coach is at minimum Gymnastics Foundations certified; the addition of Level 2 technical is highly recommended. Must be within reasonable proximity (within eye-sight, but not expected to be watching at all times) of the coaches and supervising group(s). May supervise simultaneously:

  • up to 10 “Trained” Gymnastics Foundations coaches or;
  • up to two “In-Training” Gymnastics Foundations coaches plus three “Trained” Gymnastics Foundations coaches

Trained: A coach who has completed the three GF training courses (intro, theory and discipline specific) but not the GF evaluation


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