Criminal Record Checks

Gymnastics BC, as per B.C. law, requires valid criminal record checks (CRC) on file for all coaches 18 years and older as per provincial law.

Not all individuals associated with GBC are required to undergo screening through a CRC, as not all positions pose a risk of harm to GBC or to its members. Those who work closely with minor athletes and who occupy positions of trust and authority within GBC are required to complete a CRC. These would include:

  • individuals in paid staff positions
  • members of the Board of Directors
  • coaches of provincial teams
  • volunteers appointed to accompany provincial teams to events or competitions
  • volunteers at major GBC hosted events identified by GBC as requiring CRCs
  • all registered coaches affiliated with Full Member Clubs

Note: Gymnastics BC requires that searches for pardoned sexual offences (Vulnerable Sector Searches - VSS) be conducted for all member coaches.

Validity of CRCs

CRCs are valid for a period of three years. Gymnastics BC may also, at any time, request that an individual in a designated category provide an updated CRC. This will take place if GBC has grounds to believe that the results of the previous CRC are no longer accurate.

How to complete a CRC

All coaches and other employees of GBC member clubs must visit their local police station to obtain a Criminal Record Check. Once completed, a copy of the CRC will need to be sent electronically to John Carroll at

Please ensure you request a Vulnerable Sector Search when you order your CRC.

For volunteers seeking to order a free CRC, please contact John Carroll at 


Gymnastics BC Criminal Record Review Policy

Application for Pre-Authorized Credit Card Usage form


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,

Brian Forrester, CEO, 604-333-3490,