Getting started

1.    Register with Gymnastics BC

All coaches must be registered with Gymnastics BC to take part in association sanctioned competitions and courses. All full member clubs register their coaches with Gymnastics BC.  If you are already registered with a full member club as an athlete, judge or volunteer, you are covered, just ask them to update your registration to include coaching.

2.    Choose your discipline

  • Artistic: including women’s (WAG), men’s (MAG), active start (Pre-school)
  • Trampoline: including double-mini, synchro, tumbling
  • Acrobatic: There currently is no acrobatic coach training program in Canada. Contact Shawna Peters (Okanagan Gymnastics) to learn more about acrobatic
  • Aerobic: If you are interested in learning more about the aerobics discipline, please contact
  • Rhythmic: Rhythmic gymnastics coaching courses are available through the BC Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation:

3.   Start the Pre-CIT or NCCP Certification process

Gymnastics BC offers coaching courses throughout the year. Check our calendar for a complete listing of courses.


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,