Membership fees

2017-18 and 2018-19 GymBC membership fees

All members receive member services associated with joining Gymnastics BC either as a club or individual member.

The membership fees are valid from September 1 to August 31 of each year.

Members who are involved in multiple roles are registered in all categories pay only the highest membership fee (i.e. a competitive athlete who also is a recreational coach will pay $80 but is registered in two categories).

Gymnastics Canada levy - $5.30 for all members

*Membership fees for the 2018 / 2019 membership year remain the same as the 2017 / 2018 membership year. However, the Gymnastics BC and Gymnastics Canada fees will be billed separately; currently $2.70 of the $8.00 Gymnastics Canada membership fee is included in all Gymnastics BC fees.

Club or Organization membership fees

  • Full member club: $300, late fee $350 after August 31
  • Associate member: $0
  • Auxiliary member: $50

Individual Gymnastics BC membership fees - recreational programming

  • Casual: $5 (participates five times or fewer during the year)
  • Recreational: $15 (participates solely in recreational gymnastics within the club; excludes Interclub, acrobatic gymnastics and recreational cheerleading)
  • Interclub: $15 (participates in sanctioned Interclub events)
  • Acrobatic gymnastics: $15 (participates in club operated acrobatic programs)
  • Cheerleading: $25 (participates in club operated recreational level cheerleading)

Individual Gymnastics BC membership fees - competitive programming

  • Competitive: $80 (participates in competitive gymnastics and competes at GBC sanctioned events at any level)
  • Adult competitive: $11 (participates in GBC sanctioned adult events)
  • Aerobic gymnastics: $25 (participates in GBC sanctioned aerobic gymnastics competitions)

Individual Gymnastics BC membership fees - judges, coaches, volunteers, staff and honourary members

  • Pre-Coach in Training (Pre-CIT): $11 (taking or completed the Pre-CIT training program for 14-15 year olds)
  • Recreational Coach: $25 (coaching recreational gymnastics)
  • Competitive Coach: $25 (coaching competitive gymnastics or recreational cheerleading programs)
  • Learning facilitator: $25 (facilitating NCCP courses)
  • Judge: $25 (actively judging competitions in any discipline)
  • Volunteer: $11 (supporting gymnastics with or without club affiliation; includes club board members, parents, etc)
  • Staff: no cost (working at the club but not affiliated in any of the above categories)
  • Honourary: no cost (honoured by Gymnastics BC as a Life Member)

Independent athletes

  • $200 per event (athletes in bad standing with a GBC full member club, training at another GBC full member club and who wish to participate in a competition or Interclub event. Must also pay the appropriate individual membership fee above)

2017-18 zone fees

Zone fees are set by the individual zones for regional development and to offset costs. These are in addition to the Gymnastics BC membership fees For more details on specific zone fees, please contact your zone chair.

Zone Recreational Competitive
1 $6 $6
2 $2 | * $5 $5
3 n/a $5
4 n/a $2
5 n/a $3
6 n/a n/a
7 $10 $10
8 $10 $10

* Zone 2 members of the Performance Team - $5

Changing categories

Athletes who upgrade to a new category during the season must pay the difference in fees:

  • Recreational to competitive: $65 - must be complete 21 days before competition
  • Interclub to competitive: $65 - must be complete 21 days before competition


Brittany Cawson, Member Services Coordinator, 604-333-3498,