Moving from Level 1 to Gymnastics Foundations

Coaches who completed parts of the old Level 1 program can complete their certification by finishing the missing Gymnastics Foundations component(s) outlined below:

If you have Level 1: Gymnastics Foundations equivalent Your status
Intro Theory* Discipline Evaluation
Certification Certified
*Theory       In-training
Technical     In-training
Technical + Practical   In-training
*Theory + Technical   Trained

*Coaches who have completed the theory component must also successfully complete the Make Ethical Decisions evaluation.

Old Level 1 Practical Information

Coaches who completed their practical hours prior to December 31, 2009 may still submit the old Level 1 practical form (rather than having to complete the GF evaluation).

Any coach who is in this situation is encouraged to submit the practical form as soon as possible. It is expected that at some point the  Coaching Association of Canada will stop accepting old Level 1 practical forms.


Level 1 Practical Form - Artistic

Level 1 Practical Form - Trampoline


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