Make Ethical Decisions (MED)

Make Ethical Decisions is part of the theory component of coach certification.

There is a course element as well as an online evaluation. The course content is covered in the following courses:

  • Gymnastics Foundations theory
  • Multi-sport Competition-Introduction Part “A”
  • Standalone or homestudy MED course (available through ViaSport Coaches)

Gymnastics Foundations coaches must complete the online evaluation before they can be certified.

Coaches certified under the old NCCP program

Coaches who were certified under the old NCCP program (Levels 1-5) must also complete the online evaluation by December 31, 2014. If the evaluation is not completed, their status will reassigned to "trained" in the database (i.e. not certified). “Certified” status will only be restored after completion of the MED evaluation.

Coaches who took the old Level 1 theory (prior to April 2004) and not Competition-Introduction Part “A”, may:

  • complete the MED module before attempting to complete the online evaluation.
  • attempt the evaluation without having gone through the course material.

Online evaluation fee

Starting on October 30, 2013, the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) will charge coaches who "challenge" the MED training and go straight to the online evaluation $85.

Certified coaches who have not completed the online evaluation and wish to go straight to the online evaluation are encouraged to do so before October 30, 2013 in order to avoid paying the $85 fee.

This does not apply to coaches who:

  • Are completing the training before attempting the online evaluation apply. These coaches still have until December 31, 2014 to complete the online evaluation before their certification will be affected.
  • Have completed the Gymnastics Foundations theory, multi-sport Competition-Introduction Part “A” or the standalone MED course.

The CAC's rationale for the $85 fee implementation is that coaches who complete the MED course module have contributed to the development of the NCCP via their paid registration fee. Coaches who challenge the MED module and skip to the online evaluation have not contributed financially to the development of the NCCP.

MED evaluation options

There are several different MED evaluation options and gymnastics coaches must complete the correct one for their training level:

  • Gymnastics Foundations (or old Level 1): Competition - Introduction stream MED
  • Level 2: Competition - Introduction stream MED
  • Level 3,4 and 5: Competition - Development stream MED

Pre-test and passing the evalution

It is recommended that coaches complete the online MED evaluation pre-test until they feel confident that they will pass the online evaluation. Any coach who fails the online evaluation twice will have to complete the MED course module before attempting the evaluation again.


Make Ethical Decisions evaluation

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