Gymnastics Foundations Info

NCCP Gymnastics Foundations (GF) is comprised of three training courses:

  1. Intro
  2. Theory
  3. Discipline specific (active start, artistic, trampoline and rhythmic)


NCCP age requirements

Gymnastics Foundations is where every new coach must start their NCCP training. All coaches must be a minimum of 15 years old at the time of the course; this is a national rule and there are no exceptions.

Intro course

The intro course is an active one-day course taught in the gym and is applicable to all the gymnastics disciplines. Coaches-in-training learn the three Fs: Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals of gymnastics during this course.

This can be the first or second course a coach-in-training attends.

Theory course

The theory course is a half-day classroom course that is applicable to all gymnastics disciplines. The content covered in this course is “Make Ethical Decisions” (MED) and “Planning a Lesson.”

GF theory can be the first or second course a coach attends.

Make Ethical Decisions (MED) evaluation

Following completion of the theory course, coaches must complete the online MED evaluation. The MED online evaluation can be accessed in the NCCP locker with your NCCP number. Go to the eLearning tab for the evaluation link. Coaches who do not have the online MED evaluation on file have not met the requirements for completing the course and are unable to obtain status as a certified coach.

Discipline specific course

The discipline courses are one-day active courses taught in the gym. There are currently courses available for: active start, artistic, trampoline and rhythmic.

  • Active Start - coaches are introduced to the active start approach and learn how to work with preschool age children. They will be prepared to coach participants ages six months to five years.
  • Artistic - coaches learn the Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMPs): landings, stationary positions, locomotion, rotation, spring and swing. Coaches also learn basic skills specific to artistic gymnastics and will be prepared to coach recreational artistic participants (Both MAG and WAG).
  • Trampoline - coaches learn progressions and safety tips for teaching basic jumps, body landing skills, adding twist before or after a skill and combination skills specific to trampoline gymnastics. Coaches will be prepared to coach recreational trampoline participants.
  • Rhythmic - coaches learn about body posture, locomotion, apparatus manipulation for rope, hoop, ball, ribbon and scarves as well as basic skills specific to rhythmic gymnastics. Coaches will be prepared to coach recreational rhythmic participants.

The discipline specific courses are the third course a coach attends.

Becoming certified

Following completion of the three Gymnastics Foundations courses (including the online MED evaluation), coaches must assemble their "Coaching Portfolio" and complete the Gymnastics Foundation evaluation process to become certified.

1. Coaching Portfolio

Beginning on page 6 of the Gymnastics Canada Coach Evaluation package are details on building the portfolio. Refer to the Gymnastics Foundation Coach Evaluation Package link below.

2. Gymnastics Foundations evaluation process

There is NO time requirement between the coach taking the Gymnastics Foundation courses and completing the Gymnastics Foundations evaluation.

Gymnastics Canada has finalized the evaluation process. Gymnastics BC has now completed its transition into the formal Coach Evaluator system. As of September 1, 2018, evaluations will only be approved by GBC if performed by Trained Coach Evaluators (minimally).

Evaluations should take between 2.5 and 4 hours to complete.  The Gymnastics Canada coach evaluation package and evaluator guide MUST be used.  These are available in electronic format.  The evaluator guide is available upon request from Gymnastics BC.

There are no fees payable to GBC when submitting coach evaluations. Each club may decide if and how much their club evaluator(s) will be compensated and if there is to be a charge to the coach being evaluated.

Information for Club Evaluators

Evaluator responsibilities are as follows:

Prior to the Evaluation

  • Review the coach’s portfolio to ensure it is properly completed (detailed portfolio content requirements are available in the evaluator guide)
  • Schedule the evaluation session with the coach

During the Evaluation and Follow Up

  • Observe the coach actively coaching a class/lesson.
  • Conduct a debriefing session with the coach and design an action plan to assist the coach in developing long and short term goals,
  • Send an electronic copy of the entire Evaluation Package to Gymnastics BC (the coach should retain the ORIGINALS).

It is imperative that club evaluators complete the evaluation process as laid out in the evaluator guide.

If there are any question as to the quality of evaluation that B.C. coaches receive, Gymnastics Canada has the authority to refuse the certification process.   

Resources and forms

Gymnastics Foundation Coach Evaluation Package

Make Ethical Decisions


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,