NCCP MAG/WAG Competition 1 or Trampoline Level 2 Info

Level 2 is comprised of three components:

  • Competition-Introduction Part “B” (theory)
  • Technical
  • Practical


NCCP age requirements

Coaches must be trained under Gymnastics Foundations to begin Level 2 training.

Competition-Introduction Part “B” (theory) course

The Comp-Intro Part “B” course is a two-day multi-sport (not specific to gymnastics) classroom course. The content covered in this course is “Teaching and Learning”, “Design a Basic Sport Program” and “Mental Skills”.

This can be the first or second Level 2 course a coach attends.

To find the closest course in your area or to learn about the online homestudy option please visit the ViaSport Coaches website or call 778-655-1752.

Discipline specific technical course

The technical courses cover Level 2 specific skills for each discipline (women's artistic, men's artistic trampoline), safety and spotting, biomechanics and error detection / correction etc.

The technical courses vary in length according to discipline:

  • women’s artistic: four days
  • men’s artistic: four days
  • trampoline: two and a half days


Following completion of the theory and technical courses, coaches must complete the practical requirement to become certified Level 2.

The practical component is a log of Level 2 coaching hours completed after attending the Level 2 technical course.

Required number of hours

  • 200 hours for women’s and men’s artistic
  • 150 hours for trampoline of

The coach must submit the completed Level 2 practical record form to Gymnastics BC.

Becoming certified

A coach is certified once they have completed the three Level 2 components: Competition-Introduction Part “B” (theory), Technical and Practical.

Resources and Forms

Upcoming coaching courses

If you completed a Competition 1 Course you MUST complete the Comp 1 Guide below:

NCCP Competition 1 (Introduction) Coach Evaluation Guide

If you completed a Level 2 Technical (MAG or WAG) prior to August 2015 you can complete this form for your discipline:

Practical form - Level 2 women’s artistic

Practical form - Level 2 men’s artistic

All Trampoline Level 2 Certification continues to use this form:

Practical form - Level 2 trampoline


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,