NCCP Competition 2 + 3 or Level 3 info

Level 3 is comprised of three components:

  • Competition-Development (theory)
  • Discipline specific technical course (technical)
  • Practical


Coaches must be certified Level 2 to begin Level 3 training.

Competition-Development (theory) course modules

Competition-Development consists of six modules, focused on training coaches who are working with athletes who are in the training to train or training to compete stages of long-term athlete development.

Four of the six modules must be completed to meet the requirement for Level 3.

Available modules:

  • Leading Drug Free Sport (not preferred for gymnastics coaches)
  • Managing Conflict
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Developing Athletic Abilities
  • Prevention and Recovery

To find the closest course in your area or to learn about the online homestudy option please visit the ViaSport Coaches website or call 778-655-1752.

Discipline specific technical course

The technical courses cover Level 3 specific skills for each discipline (women's artistic, men's artistic trampoline), choreography, preparation and training etc.

The technical courses vary in length according to discipline:

  • women’s artistic: four to five days
  • men’s artistic: five days
  • trampoline: two and a half days


Following completion of the theory and technical courses, coaches must complete the practical requirement to become certified Level 3.

Details of the practical requirements can be found for both artistic and trampoline under "Resources and Forms" below .

Becoming certified

A coach is certified once they have completed the three Level 3 components: Competition-Development (theory), Technical and Practical.

Resources and Forms

Upcoming coaching courses

Practical form and info - Level 3 guidebook artistic

Practical form - Level 3 trampoline

GCG Competition 2 Evaluation Guide

GCG Competition 3 Evaluation Guide


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