2012 Canadians: Artistic Gymnastics wraps with 14 Gold Medals for Team BC!

The final two days were busy ones for Team BC's artistic gymnasts at the 2012 Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Regina. Including the the gold medal that Shallon Olsen won earlier in the week, the team is bringing home 14 gold medals!

Among these medals is the gold that Zachary Clay won in capturing the Junior Men's All Around title on Friday. Clay led the 2-day competition from start to finish for his second national title!

Junior Women Event Finals:

Vault: Shallon Olsen (Omega) - gold, Nicole Chow (TAG) - 4th, Makinli Handley (Okanagan) - 5th, Taylor Chan (TAG) - 6th
Uneven Bars: Shallon Olsen (Omega) - bronze
Balance Beam: Shallon Olsen (Omega) - silver
Floor Exercise: Shallon Olsen (Omega) - silver, Taylor Chan (TAG) bronze

Senior Women Event Finals:

Vault: Brittany Rogers (Flicka) - silver, Briannah Tsang (Flicka) - 5th
Uneven Bars: Laura-Ann Chong (Flicka) - bronze, Brittany Rogers (Flicka) - 5th, Shae Zamardi (Flicka) - 7th
Balance Beam: Brittany Rogers (Flicka)
Floor Exercise: Briannah Tsang (Flicka) - T7th

Senior Men Event Finals:

Floor Exercise: Robert Watson (Richmond) - tie gold, Scott Morgan (Flicka) - tie gold
Pommel Horse: Ken Ikeda (Twisters) - gold
Rings: Scott Morgan (Flicka) - gold
Vault: Scott Morgan (Flicka) - gold
Parallel Bars: Ken Ikeda (Twisters) - silver, Robert Watson (Richmond) - bronze
Horizontal Bar: Robert Watson (Richmond) - silver, Ken Ikeda (Twisters) - bronze, Jason Scott (Richmond) - 4th

Junior Men:

All Around: Zachary Clay (Twisters) - gold, Joshua Stuart (Richmond) - silver, Scott Nabata (Kamloops) - 5th, Julien Geisler (Delta) - 8th
Floor Exercise: Scott Nabata (Kamloops) - Tie silver
Pommel Horse: Zachary Clay (Twisters) - gold
Rings: Joshua Stuart (Richmond) - gold, Zachary Clay (Twisters) - bronze
Vault: Zachary Clay (Twisters) - gold
Parallel Bars: Joshua Stuart (Richmond) - Tie gold, Julian Geisler (Delta) - bronze
Horizontal Bar: Joshua Stuart (Richmond) - Tie Gold, Julian Geisler (Delta) - 5th

HP Tyro Men:

All Around: Aaron Mah (Phoenix) - 4th, Nicolas Garfias (Twisters) - 6th, Colin Schuler Ram (Kerrigan) - 10th
Floor Exercise: Aaron Mah (Phoenix) - bronze, Colin Schuler Ram (Kerrigan) - 5th, Nicolas Garfias (Twisters) - 6th
Pommel Horse: Colin Schuler Ram (Kerrigan) - 5th
Rings: Aaron Mah (Phoenix) - 5th
Parallel Bars: Aaron Mah (Phoenix) - 4th, Nicolas Garfias (Twisters) - 5th
Horizontal Bar: Nicolas Garfias (Twisters) - gold, Aaron Mah (Phoenix) - silver, Colin Schuler Ram (Kerrigan) - 5th

High Performance Novice:

All Around: Angel Zhong (Omega) - 5th, Samantha Haghighat-Joo (Omega) - 6th, Seina Murase-Cho (Omega) - 13th, Haley DeJong (Omega) - 14th
Vault: Angel Zhong (Omega) - silver, Samantha Haghighat-Joo (Omega) - 4th
Balance Beam: Haley DeJong (Omega) - 6th
Floor Exercise: Samantha Haghighat-Joo (Omega) - silver, Angel Zhong (Omega) - bronze, Seina Murase-Cho (Omega) - 6th

Women's National Open 13-15:

All Around: Marquita Morison (Twisters) - 9th, Itzia San Roman (Phoenix) - 10th, Sofia Savkovic (Surrey) - 16th
Balance Beam: Marquita Morison (Twisters) - 6th
Floor Exercise: Itzia San Roman (Phoenix) - 5th

Women' s National Open 16+:

All Around: Taylor Oakley (Flicka) - 16th, Jennifer Chew (Flicka) - 18th, Tamara Kuno (Flicka) - 23rd, Maya Rahn (Lion's Pride) - 24th, Emily Schultz (Kamloops) - 31st
Vault: Jennifer Chew (Flicka) - T7th, Maya Rahn (Lion's Pride) - T7th

Men's National Open Event Finals:

Rings: Vladimir Djuric (Richmond) - tie 5th

Men's National Youth Event Finals:

Floor Exercise: Brian Lau (Richmond) - bronze
Vault: Brian Lau (Richmond) - bronze, Steven Chaplin (Twisters) - 5th, Michael Sibley (Flicka) - 6th
Parallel Bars: Steven Chaplin (Twisters) - 6th
Horizontal Bar: Steven Chaplin (Twisters) - silver, Michael Sibley (Flicka) - 5th