2012 Canadians: Shallon Olsen Wins Junior Title

Omega's Shallon Olsen won her first junior title last night at the 2012 Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Regina. Her score of 58.700, easily put her ahead of runners up Victoria-Kayen Woo (55.450) and Rose-Kalam Woo (55.300) both of Quebec.

Olsen led the field on three of four apparatus including vault where she scored 16.100! Taylor Chan and Nicole Chow of TAG Sports finished in 10th and 12th spots respectively.

In the senior women's all around final Kristina Vaculik (Ontario) won the title followed by Dominique Pegg and Victoria Moors who tied for 2nd place. Brittany Rogers (Flicka) placed 6th while Briannah Tsang (Flicka) was 13th.

In the national open women's team competition, Team BC finished 5th. The competition also served as qualifying for the all around finals. In the Open 16+ category Taylor Oakley (Flicka) was 11th, Tmara Kuno (Flicka) was 15th, Jennifer Chew (Flicka) was 16th, Maya Rahn (Lion's Pride) was 19th, Emily Schultz (Kamloops) was 27th and Andry Friesen (Twisters) was 35th. The top 32 will compete on Saturday morning.

In the open 13-15 category, Itiza San Roman (Phoenix) as 6th while Marquita Morison (Twisters) was 11th and Sofia Savkovic (Surrey) was 13th. The top 24 compete on Friday evening.