Elite Canada 2018 Athletes Announced


Elite Canada is a premier national competition which brings together the top athletes from across Canada in the novice, junior, and senior categories. The event will take place from January 31 to February 4 at the Telus Stadium - Laval University in Quebec.

In addition to 2016 Olympians Scott Morgan and Shallon Olsen, the following BC athletes are set to compete at Elite Canada:

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

  • Drew Kanigan (KGTC)
  • Evan Fedder (Phoenix)
  • Zachary Clay (Twisters)
  • Nicolas Garfias (Twisters)
  • Steven Chaplin (Twisters)
  • Cohen Kiers (Twisters)
  • Darren Wong (Phoenix)
  • Devy Dyson (Phoenix - international participant)
  • Scott Morgan (Flicka)

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

  • Jayne Carvell (Flicka)
  • Jenna Lalonde (OGC)
  • Makenna Guidish (Flip City)
  • Scarlett Earl (Aviva)
  • Kennedy Duke (Langley)
  • Elizabeth Noble (TAG)
  • Presley Catermole (Phoenix)
  • Marissa Engh (Twisters)
  • Jordis Kliewer (Twisters)
  • Sophie Patterson (Aviva)
  • Hannah Buchmann (TAG)
  • Sydney Turner (TAG)
  • Athena Hutchinson (Aviva)
  • Mara Steinfort (Aviva)
  • Imogen Paterson (Phoenix)
  • Haley de Jong (Flicka)
  • Shallon Olsen (Omega)

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