NCCP coaching requirement for Canadian Championships

A message from Gymnastics Canada:

This is a reminder that a coach must be certified NCCP level 3 (or NCCP Comp 2) to have access to the training, warm-up or competition floor during all National Level competitions including the Canadian Championships, trials, selection camps and Elite Canada. A coach who is employed on a full time basis by an organization based outside Canada is exempted from this requirement (e.g. A US NCAA coach attending with a Canadian athlete is exempt).

Questions related to an equivalency or to the completion of a component must be directed to Suzanne Fisher (

A request for an exemption for Canadian Championships may be submitted only by a PTO. It must be submitted on the attached form which is available in English and French.

For more information on the NCCP coaching requirement for Canadian Championships, please contact Jeff Thomson, Coach Education Development Manager, Gymnastics BC: