Results from National Stream Cup

Team BC traveled to Edmonton to take part in the 2013 National Stream Cup this past weekend. Ilka Juk (Omega) won three medals including bronze in the National Novice competition. Other individual medalists were Grace Noble (Omega) and Madeline McPhee (TAG). The National Open women's team won bronze in the team competition.

Individual Results

National Open:
Brianna Henshaw (Flicka): 29th AA
Stephanie Bedry (Langley): 32nd AA
Atzan San Roman  (Phoenix): 18th AA
Ayla Marji (Flicka): 14th AA
Alannah McPherson (Langley), 28th AA, T5th V
Emily Mould (Nanaimo):31st AA

National Novice:
Madeline McPhee (TAG): 12th AA, 2nd V, 4th FX

Pre-Novice Elite:
Cathy Zhong (Omega): 11th AA
Ilka Juk (Omega): 3rd AA, 4th V, 2nd UB, 8th BB, 2nd FX
Grace Noble (Omega): 9th AA, 3rd UB
Madisen Bedard (Flicka): 28th AA
Shayla Symes (Omega): 13th AA, 5th UB

Pre-Novice Aspire:
Marisol Zeballos (Omega): 31st AA

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