Team BC Medal Haul from Western Canada Cup

Nine athletes from four clubs represented Team BC this past weekend at the 2012 Western Canada Cup in Beaumont, Alberta. Leading the team was Jane Harrigan (Shasta) who won three gold medals! In the Team Competitions, BC won gold in tumbling, silver in all around, bronze on trampoline and placed 5th on Double Mini.

Individual Team BC results:

Adrielle Bertrand (KGTC): 14th TR (Prov B), 16th DMT (Prov B), 5th TU (Prov B), 2nd SY (Prov A)
Caitlin Harrigan (Shasta): 2nd TR (Prov B), 1st DMT (Prov B), 1st SY (Prov B)
Emily Wilsh (Okanagan): 5th TR (Prov A), 2nd DMT (Prov B), 3rd SY (Prov A)
Emily Schmidt (KGTC): 10th DMT (Prov A), 3rd TU (Prov B), 2nd SY (Prov A)
Gavin Dodd (KGTC): 2nd TR (Prov B), 3rd DMT (Prov B), 1st TU (Prov D)
Jane Harrigan (Shasta): 1st TR (Prov C), 1st DMT (Prov C), 1st SY (Prov B)
Rachel Golding (Flip City): 9th TU (Prov B)
Sarah Croteau (Okanagan): 2nd DMT (Prov A), 3rd TU (Prov C), 3rd SY (Prov A)
Sunita Crutch (Flip City): 8th TR (Prov A), 12th DMT (Prov A), 8th TU (Prov C)

Complete Results