Gymnastics is much more than what you see at the Olympics. These elite athletes are but one part of the big family of gymnastics. In fact, the six gymnastics disciplines offer opportunities for fun, participation, learning and competition for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.

Early exposure to gymnastics activities should be one of the first steps for all children on the road to
physical literacy. The optimal time for the development of physical literacy is during the first 10 years
of a child’s life.

Recreational Gymnastics

PLAY Gymnastics, or recreational gymnastics, includes all non-competitive programs offered by clubs, public recreation facilities and schools. Many offer programs for toddlers through to adults.

Over 85 percent of Gymnastics BC’s members are involved in gymnastics programs that are non-competitive.

Competitive Gymnastics

Through Gymnastics BC programming is offered in the competitive disciplines of men’s artistic gymnastics (MAG), women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG), trampoline gymnastics (TG), aerobic gymnastics (AG) and acrobatic gymnastics (AcG).

Registering for gymnastics classes

Gymnastics BC has over 75 member clubs throughout B.C. To register your child, contact the club(s) in your area for more on the programs and schedules available.


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