Pre-CIT program

Starting at age 13, potential coaches may participate in a Pre-CIT program at their club. The Pre-CIT program was created by Gymnastics Canada (GCG) to allow younger potential coaches begin training before they are eligible to participate in NCCP courses.

The GCG Pre-CIT program is the ONLY recognized program for 13-15 year olds and those who complete it are eligible to attend NCCP Gymnastics Foundations training courses early: at age 15 (eligibilty for certification remains at 16 years of age).

Program length

  • Thirteen year old Pre-CITs should complete the program over two full training years, but can complete it one year if that is how their club delivers the program (they would still have to wait until they are 15 years old before moving on to Gymnastics Foundations courses).
  • Fourteen and 15 year old Pre-CITs have the option of completing the program in one or two training years.

Program contents

Part 1-Year 1: complete five hours of tutorials (covering 10 topic areas) and assist in the gym for 10 hours.

Part 2-Year 2: complete an additional 10 hours of tasks related to coaching, officiating and administration.

Pre-CIT eligiblity

A Pre-CIT may only assist a certified coach (minimum Gymnastics Foundations certified, Level 2 technical highly recommended) under one-on-one direct supervision (one certified coach can supervise one Pre-CIT at one time).

A Pre-CIT must NEVER be given sole responsibility for a group of children.

NCCP certification

A Pre-CIT coach who has completed the program and is ready to move on to NCCP Gymnastics Foundations courses may do so at age 15 (they still can’t become certified until they are 16). The Pre-CIT must complete and submit a LINK Pre-CIT Practical Record form to Gymnastics BC before registering for the course.  


Pre-CIT practical record form


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,