Public access programs

Public access programs include programs providing access to the services or facilities of a full member club for a more public use. They are recreational in nature and offered under club supervision. The gymnastics component may not be as dominate or regularly scheduled.

Participants include one-time visitors (non-members), birthday party participants and associate members.

One-time visitors

A one-time visitor is not a registered member of GBC and accident insurance is not provided. Liability coverage is provided under the club’s full club membership.

A one-time visitor may be a guest participant in a one time event including workshops and special event days (bring-a-friend day, gym promotional events, parent days, etc).

If a visitor participates more than once in a regular program, he/she needs to be registered appropriately, as either a casual or a recreational member. 

Drop-in participants are NOT one-time visitors. They must be registered as members as either casual or recreational.

As of September 1, 2019, there is a $2.50 fee per participant.

Birthday parties

Birthday party participants who are not already club members, are considered to be one-time visitors. Only liability insurance (not accident insurance) is provided for the one-time visitors at a birthday party.  Full GBC coverage is provided to any registered club members at a birthday party. Visitors and their parents should be properly informed of this. 

There is a $4 fee per party. Beginning September 1, 2019, the fee is $6.50 per party.

Field trips and other one-time participants (excluding parties)

School programs where classes come into a gymnastics facility (school field trips) or where certified club coaches go into a school (in-service) to provide introductory gymnastic training are included in the associate membership. 

After the first visit by a class, the school must register as an associate member of GBC and meet the associate membership conditions. 

As of September 1, 2019, there is a $6.50 fee per field trip visit.

Managing one-time participants

Clubs must keep written records of the birthday parties, one-time visitors and associate member participants. This information is required for insurance purposes to ensure coverage for those programs. For each visit, the club must keep on file for a minimum of seven years, the activity, date and list of participants (first and last names).

Clubs ARE required to use the Informed Consent Form for these program participants. It is also recommended that clubs post and review the GYM SAFETY rules for these program participants prior to any gymnastics participation

Reporting Process to GBC

Full member clubs must submit the participation data for birthday parties, one-time visitors and associate member activities at the end of each month.

For 2019-2020, clubs may use the this excel spreadsheet.

For 2018-2019 reporting, please use this excel spreadsheet 

The information required is:

  • Number of birthday parties during the month ($6.50/party).
  • Number of birthday party attendees.
  • Number of school/field trips during the month ($6.50/field trip).
  • Number of school/field trip attendees (broken down by gender).
  • Number of non-member one-time participant attendees ($2.50/participant).

This reporting method automatically calculates fees owed to GBC. GBC will invoice the club upon receipt of the monthly report.


Safety First manual - July 2011

Monthly reporting form


Brittany Cawson, Member Services Manager, 604-333-3498,