Requirements to use trampolines in artistic gymnastics

Coaches who have completed the NCCP Level 2 Technical artistic gymnastics course and either the Gymnastics Foundations or NCCP Level 1 Technical trampoline gymnastics course may use the trampoline as a teaching tool for saltos and aerials skills and to supervise a group doing non-inverted skills.

Coaches who are trained Gymnastics Foundations Artistic coaches are not allowed to teach any skills on the trampoline, including non inverted skills

It is recommended that coaches using the trampoline in their programs complete the appropriate NCCP Gymnastics Foundations Trampoline certification.

For all programs using trampoline, one coach with the appropriate certification must directly supervise the trampoline when in use. Direct supervision means: at or in the trampoline area and focused only on trampoline supervision.


List of trampoline skills by NCCP level


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