Acrobatic gymnastics

Acrobatic gymnastics combines the strength, flexibility and technical precision from artistic gymnastics with the grace and musicality from dance. All acrobatic gymnasts compete in pairs or groups requiring trust and camaraderie.

Each pair and group compete unique routines to music with dance and performance. They perform with, on or around each other to demonstrate flair, grace and style to the judges and audience.

Athletes may compete:

  • Women’s pair (two females)
  • Men’s pair (two males)
  • Mixed pair (a male base and a female top)
  • Women’s Group (three females)
  • Men’s group/quad (four males)


Acrobats compete three routines to music:


Balance demonstrates the acrobats’ strength, stamina and flexibility. In this routine they build and hold difficult skills. This routine features slower music and much less “flight” of the acrobats as most skills are held, not thrown.

Watch: Tessa Chiricosta and Jack McGarr (Canada)

Dynamic (formerly Tempo)

Dynamic demonstrates the acrobats’ power, strength and grace. They perform amazing skills involving spring, flight and landing. The music is faster with more beat than in Balance. The acrobats perform partner skills involving flight and rotation (twists or somersaults) or individual tumbling across the floor.

Watch: Adele Lefevre and Maddie Arnold (Okanagan Gymnastics Centre)


This routine combines the static skills of Balance with the flight skills of Dynamic. This routine showcases the acrobats’ abilities to perform a diverse range of skills and add their personal flair.

Watch: Jamie Patrick and Cory Marsh (Canada)


Acro Pre-Team Handbook (USAG)


For details on starting or expanding an acrobatic gymnastics program in your gym, please contact Shawna Peters at Okanagan Gymnastics (Kelowna).