Date Apparatus Clarification Categories affected
2017-10-26 Dismounts Full (0.5) credit will be given to any FIG listed ‘A’ or higher dismount and partial (0.3) credit to a GCG listed Supplementary dismount. Provincial 3
2014-03-15    High Bar A gymnast performing a pullover mount will receive a 0.3 interruption in movement deduction Provincial 3 & 4 and Elite 4
2014-02-25 High Bar

A supplementary kip used for difficulty will always receive credit as long as the cast following the kip is within 90 degrees of the necessary end position.  OF course an amplitude deduction may be applied. 

Example: A Provincial 4 gymnast performs a Kip to 30 degrees below horizontal he will receive an A-part for the kip cast and a 0.3 deduction for being 75 degrees below the expectation.

Provincial 4 & 5, Elite 4 and Novice
2014-02-25 Vault A 2nd Vault may be performed if the 1st Vault would result in a ‘0’ final score. The 2nd Vault will always incur a 1.0 deduction. Level 1 to National Open (excluding Junior and Senior)
2014-02-14 Parallel Bars A Moy to support does not have to start from handstand to receive a C-value for any category. Provincial 3 to Senior

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