Sanctioning a club event

Hosting competitive and recreational events are great opportunities to promote gymnastics while giving participants fun opportunities. All GBC club events (competitive, Interclub & recreational) must be sanctioned by Gymnastics BC.

Sanctioning process

GBC member clubs wishing to host a GBC sanctioned competitive event must complete and submit the trampoline and/or artistic sanctioning application form with payment by May 31, 2019. 

Only complete applications will be considered. Applications made by email (no forms and/or payment attached) will not be considered.

Clubs are strongly encouraged to provide alternate dates as first choices cannot be guaranteed. There may be several competitions on each weekend. GBC will do our best to minimize conflicts but may not be able to in all circumstances.

It is also recommended that clubs contact the other clubs in their zone to discuss dates and to avoid conflicts with other events within their zones.

Sanctioning Memo, Applications Forms and Sport Equipment Rental Agreement:

Sanctioning fees

For AG applications received by May 31: $30

AG applications received after May 31: $200

For TG applications received by May 31: $30

TG applications received after May 31: $30

Sanctioning requirements

All clubs hosting sanctioned events must:

  • Apply for sanctioning by GBC
  • Verify that all athletes are registered with GBC
  • Determine the meet schedule and contact the judging chairperson
  • Respect the GBC equipment norms for all events

Hosting international participants

GCG authorization form H must be completed for all international activities  that will occur in Canada.

Activities include, but are not limited to, events, competitions, training camps, clinics, courses, etc which include participants from a foreign country.


Andrée Montreuil, Technical Director, 604-333-3491,

Crystal Gilhooly, Women's Technical Coordinator, 604-333-3497, (WAG)

John Carroll, Men's Technical Coordinator, 604-333-3497, (MAG)

Debbie McBoyle, Trampoline Gymnastic Coordinator, 604-333-3497, (TG)