Club or group registration

Full club membership

Annual registration fee: $320

A full member club offers competitive, recreational and/or one-time participant programs.

Full member clubs may be formally constituted as a not-for-profit society or be established as a for-profit business.

Member clubs are registered as Gymnastics BC full members. Where the club registers competitive gymnasts, the recreational gymnasts associated with that competitive club (through operation in the same facility and the sharing of the same staff and/or equipment) must be registered with GBC to remain in good standing.

If the competitive club’s facilities are in a public centre and therefore unable to charge membership fees due to policy, the competitive club must still register as a full member club and register all of its gymnasts and the public centre can register as an associate member. 

How to renew your full member club registration (see Become a GBC member club for new membership process)

Submit the following to GBC by August 31:

  1. Completed GBC full member club renewal forms (download form). This may be completed by completing the three-page form from the GBC website and submitting to GBC.
  2. $320 membership fee

Clubs that have not renewed their membership by August 31 will not be registered as members and will not receive the associated benefits (including insurance coverage).

More details and benefits of membership on page 8 of registration handbook.

Associate member

Annual registration fee: $0

GBC associate membership is for organizations already covered under a corporate insurance plan, including, but not limited to: all public recreation departments, community centres, YM/YWCAs and schools.

Associate membership provides a communications and information network and access to Gymnastics for All services for programmers, participants, teachers and coaches involved in the community recreational and school aspects of gymnastics.

Associate members are not eligible to participate in GBC recreational or competitive events, except GBC’s BC Gymnaestrada.

Programs with participants and/or coaches involved in GBC events (exception Gymnaestrada), training in the same facility as associate members, may be registered under the GBC full club membership guidelines.

How to Register an Associate Member

Submit the following to GBC:

  1. Completed GBC associate member registration form
  2. Once approved GBC will return the form to the associate member which is to be submitted to the full member club as proof of membership.

More details and benefits of membership on page 10 of registration handbook.

Auxiliary member

Annual registration fee: $50

GBC auxiliary membership is for parent associations and booster groups who are defined as not-for-profit societies, affiliated with a GBC full member club. 

These groups’ purpose is to support the member clubs with fundraising activities and assist with programs and operations

How to Register an Auxiliary Member

Submit the following to GBC:

  1. Completed GBC auxiliary member registration form
  2. $50 membership fee 

More details and benefits of membership on page 10 of registration handbook.


Brittany Cawson, Member Services Manager, 604-333-3498,