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> I have a question about registration

Please visit the Registration Page for the most up-to-date information.


> I have a question about insurance

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> Who is Re:Sound?

Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights. On behalf of its members, representing thousands of artists and record companies, Re:Sound licenses recorded music for public performance, broadcast and new media. All of the money that is collected, less only actual operating costs, goes to these creators of recorded music.

> What is the difference between Re:Sound and SOCAN?

Re:Sound collects and distributes royalties for artists and record companies worldwide as payment for the public use of their music in Canada. The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (“SOCAN”) does the same for music authors and publishers. Re:Sound and SOCAN are distinct organizations that represent different groups and rights; as such, licenses are required from both organizations.

> Is Re:Sound legitimate?


> Does Re:Sound have the right to bill me for music that I play in my club?

Yes. Re:Sound has a federally regulated tariff that enables them to collect fees from businesses that play music for public listening

> What music do I have to pay Re:Sound for?

You are required to pay for all music (in the formats below) that is played in a gymnastics facility during the course of coaching or instruction:

  • Satellite Radio
  • Music purchased for personal use (iTunes, CD, Cassette Tape, etc)
  • Music streamed from the internet for personal use (Google Play, Rdio, Apple Music, etc.)
> What music do I NOT have to pay Re:Sound for?
  • AM/FM radio
  • Royalty paid music (*Note* As long as you have purchased the appropriate licensing rights for the music, you are not required to pay anything to Re:Sound for that music)
> How much do we have to pay?

You are required to pay $0.348 (thirty four point eight cents) to Re:Sound for every class that you conduct where music (as detailed above) is played.

Re:Sound has an online calculator to help you estimate your fees:

Re:Sound groups gymnastics facilities in the Fitness and Dance Classes category


> What is considered a class?

A class is defined as each instance where you conduct coaching or instruction in your facility. For example, one class per week for an eight week session is considered 8 classes

> I play background music during drop-in, do I need to pay for this?

Yes. Drop-in classes where you play background music require payment. Please remember that AM/FM radio is exempt.

> But drop-in is different than coaching or instruction classes, how do I calculate what I need to pay?

The Re:Sound reporting form (T6B ReD) gives two options for reporting background music. You may choose which option to use:

  1. Reporting based on the average number of drop-in attendees per drop-in class multiplied by the number of drop-in days
  2. The capacity of your facility multiplied by the number of drop-in days
> We play music during our annual gymnastics competition, do we need to pay?

No. At this point, Re:Sound does not have a tariff that allows them to collect fees for music played during competitions. However, please note that they have applied for a tariff and anticipate being permitted to collect fees for competitions in the future.

> Why doesn’t Gymnastics BC pay for Re:Sound fees like they do for SOCAN?

The reporting and billing processes of Re:Sound and SOCAN are different. SOCAN billing is easily administered as it is a flat fee per club, as opposed to Re:Sound’s requirement of reporting each class; Gymnastics BC would simply be a ‘middle man’ in this process

>How do I report music played during drop-in and classes to Re:Sound?

Please use the Re:Sound reporting form T6B (ReD). Download the reporting form

  • Use part A for reporting background music played during drop-in
  • Use part B for reporting coaching or instruction classes
> What are the consequences of not reporting to Re:Sound?

As Re:Sound administers a tariff regulated by the Copyright Board of Canada, failure to report may result in legal action against the club

> Where can I find more information on Re:Sound?




Brittany Cawson, Member Services Manager, 604-333-3498,