Coach to participant ratio guidelines

The following guidelines are the recommended coach to participant ratios for GBC clubs:

Age Group
Competitive Programs Recreational classes Birthday parties *School and daycare programs
One coach to: One coach to: One coach to:

One coach to:

3-18 months N/A 8-12 participants (plus parents)
18 months to 3 years 8-12 participants (plus parents)
3-5 years old 6 participants
6-11 years old

6-12 participants

The more advanced the skills, the lower the ratio should be. Higher level competitive classes may reduce the ratio to lower than one to six

10 participants

15 participants

Full class (30 students) if teacher is active and participating

12+ years old 8-10 participants 10 participants

* Volunteers (parents or teachers assisting) are not included in the ratios except where indicated.


John Carroll, Technical Education Manager, 604-333-3493,