Traveling to events outside B.C.

Travel within Canada

Any club, group and/or individual wishing to participate in events outside of B.C. must complete and submit the Request for Sanction for Competition Outside of British Columiba form to Gymnastics BC for approval.

All requests must come from a GBC full member club or a national or international-level athlete, coach or judge registered with GBC as an independent member. Multiple requests can be made with one application.

Permission to travel outside of British Columbia will only be granted to clubs and/or groups who are members in good standing and all traveling participants must be members in good standing with GBC in order to be covered by GBC insurance.

Deadlines and sanction fees

Applications received less than 30 days prior to departure may not be approved.

Sanction fees (once request approved by Gymnastics BC):

  • Received 45 days or more before departure: no charge
  • Received between 30 and 45 days before departure: $25
  • Received less than 30 days before departure: $50
  • Received less than 48 hours before departure: $100 (provided GBC can complete santion application)

The fee applies per application, not per event. Clubs may apply for sanction for as many events as they wish in a single application.

Should there be a change to an event previously sanctioned (date change, venue change, cancellation), GBC must be notified and the change will be processed at no additional cost.

Participant lists

Participant lists for each sanctioned event must be submitted to GBC no less than seven business days before the event. There is no additional charge for participant lists. Changes to the participant list may be also made up to 24 hours prior to the event at no additional cost.

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Travel outside of Canada (including United States)

Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique sanction (download Form A) is required when traveling outside Canada. 

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Brian Forrester, CEO, 604-333-3490,