External Sport Credit program

The External Sport Credit Program provides athletes the opportunity to earn credits toward their high school graduation through their participation in gymnastics. Gymnastics BC administers this B.C. education system program on behalf of the government.

Recognized athlete programs

Athletes will receive letters of “external credit” achievement following participation in the following:

  • Grade 10 credits: Zone team - BC Winter Games
  • Grade 11 credits: Team BC - Western Canadian Championships, Western Canada Cup or Western Canada Summer Games
  • Grade 12 credits: Team BC - Canadian Championships, Canada Winter Games

Recognized judge programs

Judges will receive letters of “external credit” achievement following completion of:

  • Grade 10 credits: TG provincial level 1, WAG provincial level 1, MAG entry level
  • Grade 11 credits: TG provincial level 2, WAG provincial 2, MAG regional level
  • Grade 12 credits: TG provincial level 3, WAG provincial 3, MAG provincial level


  • Gymnastics BC sends a letter (or letters) for credits earned between January and May in the year following the competition season.
  • Letters are only sent for the first year of achievement (i.e. a second letter will not be sent for an athlete who represents Team BC a second time at the Western Canadian Championships).
  • Students may also achieve external credits for achievement meeting the government’s standards. GBC will send a letter to students who achieve these standards.
  • Students are responsible to present a copy of the letter(s) to their high school counsellor
  • Students achieving external credits prior to grade 10, are responsible to file this letter and present it once they have entered grade 10 and are earning graduation credits.


BC Government External Credential Sports Program


John Carroll, MAG Technical Coordinator, 604-333-3493, jcarroll@gymbc.org

Andrée Montreuil, Technical Director, 604-333-3491, amontreuil@gymbc.org