Filing a claim with JLT Canada

All GBC members seeking reimbursement for expenses not covered by their primary insurance must:

  • Complete the front portion of the claim form.
  • Submit the claim form it to club management for certification and signature.
  • Mail the completed claim form to Gymnastics BC within 29 days of the incident. GBC will verify membership status and forward the claim form to JLT Canada.
  • Have the attending dentist or physician complete the applicable form for dental and medical reimbursement.
  • Submit directly to JLT Canada, the proof of claim and dentist or physician report, within 90 days of the incident.

Please note:

  • JLT Canada will not process a claim until it is verified by GBC.
  • GBC will verify and forward the claim to JLT Canada the same day it is received.
  • Due to the time constraints, it is very important that all claim forms are mailed to GBC - do not send directly to JLT Canada.
  • The time requred to process a claim varies depending on the severity of the the incident and how complicated the claim becomes.

Download the JLT Canada Claim Form


Brittany Cawson, Member Services Manager, 604-333-3498,

Brian Forrester, CEO, 604-333-3490,