Gymnastics BC annual awards

The Gymnastics BC awards program honours volunteers, coaches, athletes and judges for their contributions and achievements in gymnastics in B.C.

Several GBC awards require nominations while some are presented based on achievement (e.g. coach & athlete of the year awards). All awards are ratified by applicable technical committees and the Gymnastics BC Awards Committee.

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How to nominate

Complete the online nomination form. Award nominations will be accepted until July 31, 2019. The awards will be presented at the GBC Awards and Scholarship Night.

If you have any questions, please contact the Administration & Events Coordinator (604-333-3495,


  • Member of Distinction - submit a nomination

    This award recognizes individuals whose long-term commitment, contributions and/or achievements have benefited gymnastics in B.C. The Board of Directors also presents awards in the following categories: Athlete of Distinction, Coach of Distinction and Judge of Distinction in recognition of gymnastics achievements which culminate with participation at the Olympic Games and/or Senior World Championships. 
  • Gymnastics BC Volunteer of the Year submit a nomination

    Awarded to the GBC volunteer who has demonstrated the most outstanding volunteer contribution(s) to GBC over the past year. Volunteer experience which extends beyond the club level is eligible.
  • Gymnastics BC Volunteer Team of the Year submit a nomination

    Awarded to the GBC team of volunteers who have demonstrated the most outstanding volunteer contributions to GBC over the past year. Volunteer experience which extends beyond the club level is eligible.

  • PLAY Gymnastics For All Leader of the Year submit a nomination

    Awarded to the coach/administrator who has taken recreational gymnastics beyond his/her club to assist in the overall growth and development of Gymnastics For All  in BC. The recipient must have demonstrated volunteer commitment and made significant contributions to recreational program development.  

  • PLAY Gymnastics BC Club of the Year submit a nomination

    Gymnastics BC clubs that have a variety of programs for children of all ages and abilities, host and participate in recreational events and are active in the development and promotion of recreational gymnastics are eligible for this award. Nominations may be completed by a representative of the club, the zone director or Gymnastics BC.

    All nominees must be full member clubs, in good standing with Gymnastics BC for 2016-17. Clubs should meet at least two of the following criteria:
    • Have made a demonstrated commitment to the development of recreational gymnastics in their club resulting in a variety of programs suitable for children of all ages and abilities.
    • Hosted a recreational event in the past year (i.e. Interclub, Gymnaestrada or similar)
    • Contributed to the development of provincial programs through staff involvement on the Gymnastics For All committee, PLAY Gymnastics Club committee, Kids CanMove etc)
    • Participated in a PLAY Gymnastics BC sanctioned event (i.e. 2015 Western Gymnaestrada, Interclub event, National Gymnastics Week or similar).
    • Promoted recreational gymnastics within their community through special events (host or participant), promotions and/or public access programming.
  • PLAY Gymnastics Coaches of the Yeasubmit a nomination

    Presented to one coach per zone who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the development and promotion of recreational gymnastics throughout their club and/or province.

  • ProMOTION Plus Emerging Gymnastics Leader of the Year - submit a nomination

    ProMOTION Plus is the British Columbia organization for girls and women in physical activity and sport. This award is given to a female, under the age of 25 who has shown a commitment to developing gymnastics at any level and who has had a clear impact on the sport.

Awarded based on the nominee's accomplishments using the following criteria:

  • How has the nominee excelled at developing gymnastics within her club, zone and/or B.C.?
  • How has the nominee demonstrated leadership skills that have had a clear impact on the growth and development of her club, zone and/or B.C.?
  • Is the nominee committed to an ongoing involvement with gymnastics as a coach, administrator, volunteer, judge or athlete?

Awards not requiring nominations

  • Life Member (Board of Directors selection)

    This award recognizes former or current Gymnastics BC members whose long-term services, significant contributions and/or legacies have had a lasting impact on gymnastics in BC. Individuals, whose considerable body of work in the promotion of gymnastics and Gymnastics BC and who have been recognized as Members of Distinction, are eligible for consideration for Life Membership.

    Up to two Life Memberships per year may be selected by the Board of Directors. This award may not be presented in any given year if there is not a suitable recipient.
  • Judging Service Pins

    Awarded to judges in recognition of their continued commitment to the sport of gymnastics in BC. Pins are awarded for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 years of registration as a judge with Gymnastics BC.

  • Athlete awards

    These awards are presented to the athletes who are the highest ranked gymnast based on. All recipients must show outstanding qualities as a leader, sportsperson and abide by the guidelines of fair play within the sport. All athletes must be training and competing for BC.

  • Coaching awards

    These awards are presented to the club based on the success of their athletes throughout the season.


Administration & Events Coordinator, 604-333-3495,