Individual member registration

Members affiliated with a full member club (athletes, coaches, judges, staff and members)

Full member clubs must register every individual member in order to maintain membership with GBC. Failure to do so may jeopardize insurance coverage and may result in non-renewal of membership with GBC.

Membership may be managed either online through a designated registration program or by manual registration forms, but must be submitted to GBC electronically.

Keeping membership records 

Records of registration (for minors) including participant lists must be kept secure until the children reach age 18 and then at least three years after they are of age in case of insurance claim.

Records of registration for adults need to be kept secure for seven years, similar to financial records.

Registration deadlines

Fall October 15
Winter February 28
Spring April 30
Summer August 31

How to Register Individual Members

Gymnastics BC’s registration management system is Uplifter. Clubs are provided with an administrative account to register members. Club administrator guides are available here.

Members can be registered using one of three methods:

The following fields and formats are mandatory:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Gender
  4. Birthdate (yyyy-mm-dd)
  5. Address, city, province, postal code
  6. Home phone number
  7. SKU(s)
  8. NCCP number, CRC & RiS (for coaches)

Uplifter information

See also

Registration of members not registered with a full member club

Independent members - coaches, judges, volunteers

Independent members are coaches, judges and volunteers who are not members of a full member club who wish to participate in Gymnastics BC sanctioned competitions, events and courses (excluding GBC hosted Gymnaestradas).

Coaches and judges not affiliated with a full member club must register as independent members prior to participation in any GBC sanctioned activities.

How to register

Submit the following to GBC:

  1. Completed GBC independent member registration form.
  2. Appropriate membership fees.

More details and benefits of membership on page 12 of registration handbook.

Independent athletes

Independent athletes are athletes who are in bad standing with a full member club, training at another full member club and wish to participate in a competition or Interclub event.

These athletes belong to a full member club, but the GBC board and appropriate technical committee have required that they be identified as independent for the season. 

How to register

Submit the following to GBC:

  1. Completed GBC individual member registration form with the independent athlete box checked.
  2. Individual membership fees
  3. Completed independent athlete event registration form and $200 registration fee for each event.

More details and benefits of membership on page 12 of registration handbook.


Brittany Cawson, Member Services Manager, 604-333-3498,