2012 Canadians: Six medals on Thursday for BC's trampoline gymnasts!

Team BC’s trampoline gymnasts won six medals, including two gold, yesterday on the first day of finals at the 2012 Canadian Gymnastics Championships in Regina. Preliminary competition also continued with many more athletes finishing in the top 10 and qualifying for finals.

Trampoline Finals:

Women's Novice 15+: Jill Bobyn (Okanagan) - gold, Rachel Stone (Okanagan) - 10th
Women's Open: Poppy Quinlan (Shasta) - silver, Olivia Bortolazzo (Shasta) - bronze, Brittany Falconer (Shasta) - 10th
Men's Novice 15+: Tyler Edwards (Shasta) - silver, Jordan Wilmshurst (Shasta) - bronze, Kyle Carragher (TAG) - 4th, Matthew Bloudov (Shasta) - 9th
Men's Open: Tyler Vermeulen (Flip City) - gold

Trampoline Preliminaries:

Women’s Novice 11-14: Adele Lefevre (Okanagan) - 6th
Women's Senior: Samantha Smith (Okanagan) - 2nd, Anita Cirillo (Shasta)  4th
Men's Novice 11-14: Ben Blais (Shasta) - 1st, Liam Doherty (Shasta) - 3rd, Duncan Blais (Shasta) - 4th
Men's Senior: Curtis Gerein (Okanagan) - 7th

DMT Preliminaries:

Women's Open: Brittany Falconer (Shasta) - 3rd, Alex Phillips-Taylor (TAG) - 5th, Poppy Quinlan (Shasta) - 7th, Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva) - 8th
Women's Novice 11-14: Adele Lefevre (Okanagan) - 1st, Erin England (TAG) - 3rd, Kassidy Kask (TAG) - 6th
Women's Youth: Tamara O'Brien (TAG) - 2nd, Danielle Gruber (Okanagan) - 3rd, Emma Tucker (Okanagan) - 4th, Rachel Stone (Okanagan) - 7th, Jewel McDonogh (TAG) - 8th
Women's Senior: Olivia Bortolazzo (Shasta) - 3rd
Men's Open: Connor Doherty (Shasta) - 4th, John Rowden (TAG) - 5th
Men's Novice 11-14: Ben Blais (Shasta) - 1st, Liam Doherty (Shasta) - 2nd, Duncan Blais (Shasta) - 5th, Joey Humerstone (Flip City) - 6th
Men's Youth: Kyle Carragher (TAG) - 2nd, Matthew Bloudov (Shasta) - 4th, Cameron Quinlan (Shasta) - 6th), Douglas Armstrong (Flip City) - 7th
Men's Senior: Luke Friesen (Okanagan) - 10th

Tumbling Preliminaries:

Women's Novice 15+: Alex Phillips-Taylor (TAG) - 11th
Men's Novice 15+: Jared Khalifa (TAG) - 2nd, John Rowden (TAG) - 13th