2018 Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships: Results

Team BC continues legacy at 2018 Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships 

Team BC capped off another successful season at the 2018 Canadian Artistic Gymnastics Championships, held in Waterloo, ON from May 22-27, 2018. The men and women’s teams put in some of their best performances of the year, capturing 20 medals in total, and making their mark as a dominant force in Canadian gymnastics. Here are some of the BC highlights from the competition:

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics


Zachary Clay (Twisters): Silver Medal Pommel Horse, 5th AA, 8th Rings & High Bar

Darren Wong (Phoenix): 6th AA & Pommel Horse

Devy Dyson (Phoenix): 7th AA

Aaron Mah (Phoenix/Berkley): Silver Medal Floor, 10th AA

James (Xuon) Luo (Delta): Gold Medal Rings

Scott Morgan (Flicka): Gold Medal Floor, Bronze Medal Vault


Junior (14-15 years)

Evan Fedder (Phoenix): Silver Medal AA, Rings, Bronze Medal Floor & Pommel Horse, 4th Parallel Bars, 5th Vault, 6th High Bar


Junior (16-17 years)

Drew Kanigan (KGTC): Silver Medal Parallel Bars, 6th Pommel Horse


National Open

Team 5th

Brandon MacDonald (LGF): 8th Vault


Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

HP Senior

Shallon Olsen (Omega): Gold medal Vault, Gold medal Floor

Haley de Jong (Flicka): Silver medal Vault, 8th Beam, 6th Floor, 7th AA


HP Junior

Lucia Jakab (Okanagan): 4th Vault, 8th Bars, Bronze medal Floor, 7th AA

Imogen Paterson (Phoenix): 7th Vault, 5th Bars, 7th Floor, 4th AA


HP Novice

Makenna Guidish (Flip City): 5th Vault, 5th Beam, 6th Floor, 5th AA

Scarlett Earl (Aviva): Gold medal Bars, 8th Beam, 7th AA

Sophie Patterson (Aviva): 8th Floor

Elizabeth Noble (TAG): 7th Vault

Jordis Kliewer (Twisters): 6th Vault



Samantha Reitsema (Twisters): 6th AA, Silver medal Floor


JO10 (12-15 years)

3rd place team

Cathy Zhong (Langley) 5th AA, 5th Beam, 6th Floor

Ella Rogers (Phoenix) 6th AA, 5th Vault, Bronze medal Bars, 6th Floor


JO10 (16+ years)

Emilie Hong (Langley) Silver medal Vault

Claire Posno (Phoenix) 6th Beam

Paula Urquidi (Langley) Bronze medal Floor


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