28 medals for B.C. athletes at the 2012 Canada Cup in Langley

Athletes from across Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan competed in this weekend's 2012 Trampoline Gymnastics Canada Cup in Langley.  Sebastien St. Germain of Montreal and Mariah Madigan of Toronto took advantage of the absence of Canada’s Olympic team members to win the men’s and women’s trampoline titles on the final day of competition Sunday at the Canada Cup.

With Karen Cockburn, Rosie MacLennan and Jason Burnett at home in Toronto putting the finishing touches on their preparation for the London Games, the door was wide open for Canada’s rising stars in trampoline to make a splash.

BC athletes won 28 medals during the weekend including 11 gold:

Olivia Bortolazzo (Shasta): 1st DMT (Senior)
Anita Cirillo (Shasta ): 3rd Trampoline (Senior)
Liam Doherty (Shasta): 1st Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 3rd DMT (Novice 11-14)
Ben Blais (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 2nd Synchro (Novice)
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 3rd Trampoline (Novice 11-14), 1st DMT (Novice 11-14)
Carolina Cirillo (Shasta): 1st Trampoline (Novice 15+)
Matthew Bloudov (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Novice 15+)
Poppy Quinlan (Shasta): 2nd Trampoline (Open)
Emma Tucker (Okanagan): 2nd DMT (Youth)
Danielle Gruber (Okanagan): 3rd DMT (Youth)
Kyle Carragher (TAG): 2nd DMT (Youth), 1st Tumbling (Youth), 3rd Synchro (Novice)
Erin England (TAG): 1st DMT (Novice 11-14), 2nd Tumbling (Novice 11-14)
Adele Lefevre (Okanagan): 3rd DMT (Novice 11-14), 1st Tumbling (Novice 11-14)
Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva): 1st DMT (Open)
Poppy Quinlan (Shasta): 2nd DMT (Open)
Alex Phillips-Taylor (TAG): 3rd DMT (Open)
John Rowden (TAG): 2nd DMT (Open), 3rd Synchro (Novice)
Connor Doherty (Shasta): 3rd DMT (Open)
Jared Khalifa (TAG): 1st DMT (Novice 15+), 1st Tumbling (Novice 15+)
Tamara O'Brien (TAG): 1st Tumbling (Youth)
Tyler Edwards (Shasta): 2nd Synchro (Novice)

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