BC Athletes Soar at 2016 TG Canada Cup


Hosted by KGTC and Gymnastics BC, the 2016 Canada Cup welcomed Novice, Junior and Senior level athletes to compete in gymnastics that defy the laws of gravity. Trampoline heavyweight Rosie MacLennan was in attendance, with a Sunday victory that earned her a coveted spot at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. BC athletes soared at the competition, boasting strong finishes in nearly every category. Check out some of the most notable performances below.

2016 Canada Cup Full Results

DMT Men’s Junior Finals

1ST PLACE: Joey Humberstone (Flip City)

3RD PLACE: Adin Brenner (Nanaimo Gymnastics)


DMT Men’s Level 5 17+ Finals

2ND PLACE: Trent Beebe (TAG)


DMT Men’s Level 6 17U Finals

2ND PLACE: Owen Armstrong (Flip City)


DMT Men’s Senior Finals

4TH PLACE: Kyle Carragher (Shasta)


DMT Women’s Level 5 16U Finals

3RD PLACE: Kristina Dodd (KGTC)


DMT Women’s Level 6 17U Finals

3RD PLACE: Jordyn Yendley (Okanagan)


DMT Women’s Level 6 18+ Finals

2ND PLACE: Hannah Brown (Shasta)


DMT Women’s Senior Finals

1ST PLACE: Tamara O’Brien (Shasta)


Synchro Men’s Level 5 Finals

2ND PLACE: Duncan Blais and Declan McLean (Shasta)

3RD PLACE: Adin Brenner and Blake Mould (Nanaimo)


Synchro Women’s Level 5 Finals

1ST PLACE: Emily Welsh and Jordyn Yendley (Okanagan)


Trampoline Men’s Level 6 17U Finals

2ND PLACE: Declan McLean (Shasta)

3RD PLACE: Owen Armstrong (Flip City)

Trampoline Women’s Junior Finals

4TH PLACE: Cami Hill (Okanagan)


Trampoline Women’s Level 6 17U Finals

2ND PLACE: Jordyn Yendley (Okanagan)


Trampoline Women’s Level 6 18+ Finals

1ST PLACE: Emily Schmidt (KGTC)


Tumbling Men’s Level 5 15U Finals

1ST PLACE: Gavin Dodd (KGTC)


Tumbling Women’s Level 5 15U Finals

2ND PLACE: Oasia Moore (TAG)

3RD PLACE: Kristina Dodd (KGTC)


Tumbling Women’s Level 5 16+ Finals

2ND PLACE: Alex Phillip-Taylor (Flip City)


Tumbling Women’s Level 6 Finals

2ND PLACE: Emily Schmidt (KGTC)

3RD PLACE: Taya Clyne (TAG)