BC Wins Big at TG Canada Cup in Calgary

It was an incredible weekend for BC athletes at the 2017 TG Canada Cup, held in Calgary from May 3-7. BC’s impressive 20-medal haul was led by Adin Brenner of Nanaimo Gymnastics, who won gold on trampoline, silver in tumbling and bronze in DMT.

Following the competition, National Team athlete Tamara O’Brien (Shasta) was one of three athletes selected to represent Team Canada at the 2017 World Games in Poland this July.

Here’s a list of BC medalists from the 2017 TG Canada Cup:

Adin Brenner (Nanaimo): Gold (TR), Bronze (DMT), Silver (TU)

Anna MacDonald (Prince George): Silver (TR)

Artem Tykhov (Aviva): Gold (DMT)

Blake Mould (Nanaimo): Gold (DMT), Bronze (TU)

Gabby Flynn (Whistler): Silver (TR)

Gavin Dodd (KGTC): Silver (DMT), Gold (TU)

Gracyn Hayhurst (Shasta): Silver (TR)

Hannah Brown (Shasta): Silver (DMT)

Jordan Wilmshurst (Shasta): Silver (DMT)

Jordyn Yendley (Okanagan): Gold (TR), Gold (DMT)

Kristina Dodd (KGTC): Bronze (DMT)

Max Fishman (TAG): Bronze (DMT)

Owen Armstrong (Flip City): Gold (DMT)

Tamara O’Brien (Shasta): Bronze (DMT)

Travis Towers (Okanagan): Gold (DMT)


Click here for full results from the 2017 Canada Cup