CWG - Emily Schmidt and Kyle Carragher lead first TG trials


Emily Schmidt (Kamloops) led the women's field at B.C's first trials for 2015 Canada Winter Games trampoline gymnastics team. Schmidt scored 60.700, just ahead of Jane Harrigan (Shasta) who scored 60.600. Poppy Quinlan (Shasta) rounded out the top three as she scored 58.400.

In the men's competition Kyle Carragher (Shasta) scored 67.600 as he edged Curtis Gerein (Okanagan) by 0.500 points. Duncan Blais (Shasta) was third as he scored 59.400.

The second and final trials take place on Sunday, December 28 at Shasta Trampoline. The 2015 Canada Winter Games take place in Prince George with trampoline gymnastics featured during the second week of competition from February 24-25.

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