CWG: Seina Murase Cho leads first WAG trials


Seina Cho (Omega) led the field at the first trials for the women's artistic gymnastics team for the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Murase Cho scored 53.850 with Taylor Chan (TAG, 53.550) and Ilka Juk (Omega, 53.350) rounding out the top three all around.

Murase Cho also finished with the top score on floor while Juk led the uneven bars competition. The top athletes on vault and balance beam were Angel Zhong (Omega) and Haley de Jong (Flicka) respectively. 

The top 16 athletes have qualified for the second and final trials at Flicka Gymnastics in North Vancouver:

  1. Seina Cho (Omega)
  2. Taylor Chan (TAG)
  3. Ilka Juk (Omega)
  4. Samantha Haghighat-Joo (Flicka)
  5. Angel Zhong (Omega)
  6. Itzia San Roman (Phoenix)
  7. Haley de Jong (Flicka)
  8. Claire Jansen-Doll (Flicka)
  9. Briannah Henshaw (Flicka)
  10. Ashlynn Skulstad (Twisters)
  11. Jessie Moody (Phoenix)
  12. Paula Urqiuidi (Langley)
  13. Jordan de Jong (Flicka)
  14. Dina Lowe (Flicka)
  15. Ashley Obsieger (Flicka)
  16. Haley Biggin (Lanley)

Also eligible to participate in the second trials are Shallon Olsen (Omega), Nicole Chow (TAG) and Claire Kaji (Phoenix) who were granted petitions for the first trial.

The 2015 Canada Winter Games take place in Prince George with artistic gymnastics featured during the first week of competition from February 15-19.

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