Day 2 Complete at the 2012 BC Gymnastics Championships!

A busy Day 2 at the 2012 BC Artistic Gymnastics Championships is now complete. The men began their title quests today while the senior women's competition returned to the event.  National team member Scott Morgan (Flicka) wowed the crowd with an exhibition of his floor and vault routines and young Shallon Olsen (Omega) won her third straight BC title - the first as a Junior.

The latest champions to be crowned:

WAG GYMSTART 4 Endeavour
GOLD: Rhianne Eder (Club Aviva | SILVER: Danica Sukunda | BRONZE: Ashley Fitzpatrick

WAG GYMSTART 5 Endeavour
GOLD: Nadia Wesley (Smithers)

WAG Pre-Novice Aspire
GOLD: Ilka Juk (Omega) |  SILVER: Tatum Oyama (Omega) | BRONZE: Madisen Bedard (Flicka)

WAG Pre-Novice Elite
GOLD: Sophia Ogburn (Omega) | SILVER: Ashley Obsieger (Flicka) | BRONZE: Oana Padurean (Omega)

WAG National/HP Novice
GOLD: Samantha Joo (Omega) | SILVER: Angel Zhong (Omega) | BRONZE: Seina Murase-Cho (Omega)

WAG National Open
GOLD: Taylor Oakley (Flicka) | SILVER: Jennifer Chew (Flicka) | BRONZE: Tamara Kuno (Flicka)

WAG HP Junior
GOLD: Shallon Olsen (Omega) | SILVER: Clair Kaji (Flicka) | BRONZE: Makinli Handley (Okanagan

WAG HP Senior
GOLD: Taylor Ricci (Flicka) | SILVER: Laura-Ann Chong (Flicka) | BRONZE: Briannah Tsang (Flicka)

MAG Level 2
GOLD: Jase Goerzen (Okanagan) | SILVER: Lucas Favian (Okanagan) | BRONZE: Joshua Hoven (Surrey)

MAG Level 3 Under 13
GOLD: Jonathan Ray (Richmond) | SILVER: Treyson Cerrato (Surrey) | BRONZE: Cameron Jarvis (Langley)

MAG Level 3 13+
GOLD: Jeremy Gaspar (Twisters) | SILVER: Elijah Horner (Twisters) } BRONZE: Douglas Carroll (Delta)

MAG National Open
GOLD: Vladimir Djuric (Richmond) | SILVER: Tyler Welch (Langley) | BRONZE: Kyle Machibroda (Twisters)

MAG: Junior
GOLD: Scott Nabata (Kamloops) | SILVER: Zachary Clay (Twisters) | BRONZE : Joshua Stuart (Richmond)

MAG: Senior
GOLD: Robert Watson (Richmond) | SILVER: Kal Nemier (Flicka) | BRONZE: Michael Hood (Delta)

The competition concludes tomorrow at the Harry Jerome Rec Centre in North Vancouver.

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