Day 2 of 2012 BC Artistic Gymnastics Championships Underway

In today's first session  of the 2012 BC Artistic Gymnastics Championships, champions were crowned in the WAG Provincial 3 Novice and Open categories:

Provincial 3 Novice (1999)
GOLD: Elan Baildham -Troje (Nanaimo) | SILVER: Alexis Wernitz (Langley) | BRONZE: Rachel Rubin-Sarganis (Phoenix)

Provincial 3 Novice (1998)
GOLD: Alaini Bamba (Langley) | SILVER: Marina Szabo (Dreams) | BRONZE: Tessa Wilson (Phoenix)

Provincial 3 Open (1997)
GOLD: Kyra Boulding (Campbell River) | SILVER: Madysen Sandberg (Key City) | BRONZE: Emilie Webb (Delta)

Provincial 3 Open (1996+)
GOLD: Melissa MacAdam (Campbell River) | SILVER: MacKenzie Carlstrom (Glacier) | BRONZE: Taylor Thygesen (Key City)

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