Day One Complete at the 2012 BC Gymnastics Championships

Day one is now complete at the 2012 BC Artistic Gymnastics Championships! The final categories of the day were the Provincial 2 Open, Provincial 4 Tyro and Provincial 4 Open.

Leading the way in the Provincial 2 Open category was Maddie Arthur (Phoenix), followed by Hailey Massingham (Wings) and Emma Crooks (Wings). Of note was the athletes from Wings sweeping the top 6 spots in floor exercise!

In the Provincial 4 Tyro category, Hailey Biggin (Langley) won the gold medal followed by Allyson Armstrong (Langley) and Mariko Abe Ziegler (Club Aviva). And in the Provincial 4 Open category, Leanne Perrich (Key City) won the title with Jaime Clark (Phoenix) winning silver and Alanna Jones (Surrey) winning bronze.

Competition continues throughout the weekend at the Harry Jerome Rec Centre in North Vancouver.