Eighteen medals for B.C. trampoline gymnasts at 2013 Elite Canada

Emma Tucker (DEKA) and Kyle Carragher (Shasta) each captured two medals at this past weekend’s trampoline gymnastics Elite Canada in Kamloops.

Tucker won gold in women's Junior DMT and added silver on the Junior Trampoline behind Sarah Milette (Quadrotramp).

Carragher captured the Junior men's DMT title ahead of Jean-Christophe Martel (Acrosport Barani) and Tyler Edwards (Shasta). He won silver in Junior Trampoline with Keeven Madigan (Skyriders) in first and Ben Blais (Shasta) in third.

Other B.C. highlights include:

Tamara O'Brien (TAG Sports): 2nd Senior DMT
Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva): 3rd Senior DMT
Douglas Armstrong (Flip City): 2nd Senior DMT
Connar Tomalty (Flip City): 3rd Senior DMT
Adam Menzies (Flip City): 5th Senior DMT
Erin England (TAG Sports): 2nd Espoir DMT
Adele Lefevre (DEKA): 3rd Espoir DMT
Samantha Smith (Okanagan): 3rd Senior Trampoline
Curtis Gerein (Okanagan): 3rd Senior Trampoline, 2nd Senior Synchro
Danielle Gruber (DEKA): 4th Junior Trampoline
Cameron Quinlan (Shasta): 4th Junior Trampoline
Mario Bruno (KGTC): 5th Junior Trampoline
Emily Schmidt (KGTC): 3rd Espoir Trampoline
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 3rd Espoir Trampoline
Zachary Hutchins (Shasta): 4th Espoir Trampoline
Jared Khalifa (TAG Sports): 3rd Junior Open Tumbling
Trevor Stirling (Okanagan): 2nd Senior Synchro


MacLennan, Burnett rule at Elite Canada

Winning may not be automatic for Rosie MacLennan and Jason Burnett, but standing on top of the podium is a routine affair for Canada’s top ranked trampolinists.

MacLennan, the reigning women’s world and Olympic champion, dominated the competition at Elite Canada on Sunday to add another national title to her vast collection.

Ditto for Burnett, the silver medal winner from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and seven-time Canadian champion, who breezed to victory in the men’s competition in his first major outing in over six months.

MacLennan, competing for the first time since winning her first world title last November in Sofia, Bulgaria, topped the field in the women’s final to finish with a total of 102.725 points, including the scores from Saturday’s qualification.

Samantha Sendel of Toronto finished second and Samantha Smith (Okanagan) was third.

“I just wanted to put down a decent score for the beginning of the year to get that out of the way,” said Sendel, who emerged as a legitimate international medal threat to complement MacLennan at the 2013 worlds where she finished fifth.

“Rosie and I push each other a lot more in training now. We both want those bigger routines.”

In the men’s final, Burnett added to his winning scores from prelims to win the gold with a total of 169.725 points.

Keegan Soehn of Red Deer, Alta, won silver and Curtis Gerein (Okanagan) took the bronze.

Soehn also won a gold medal in the double mini to cap a strong two-event performance.

“Sometimes it’s a little bit of a struggle to do both, but doing two events you always have another chance at a medal and if one doesn’t go well” said Soehn, one of the few top-level international competitors doing both individual trampoline and double mini.

“Double mini is fun and I keep doing well so I keep on.”

In junior trampoline Keevin Madigan of Toronto and Sarah Milette of Montreal won the men’s and women’s titles.

In other individual senior events, Vincent Lavoie of Drummondville, Que., and Erin Templeton won the men’s and women’s tumbling titles and Lexi Geisbrecht of Calgary won gold in women’s double mini.