GBC's annual awards reception honours some of the province's best

Gymnastics BC honoured the province’s top athletes, coaches and volunteers at its annual awards banquet this past Saturday in Burnaby. Over 60 individuals and clubs, who achieved gymnastics excellence this past season received plaques, scholarships and recognition for their hard work.

Among the award winners were three women honoured for their lifetime contributions to gymnastics in B.C. Each of them has dedicated themselves in different ways to the sport and each has made a lasting legacy.

Whistler’s Sheila Mozes was honoured as a Life Member of the association for helping to build Whistler Gymnastics.  Mozes was cited as become a builder, an innovator and one of the greatest supporters of gymnastics in B.C. Among her lasting gymnastics legacies is the creation of a national program for training preschool gymnastics coaches.

Two Members of Distinction were honoured for their contributions. Chiyoko Ikeda of Twisters Gymnastics in Abbotsford was recognized for her outstanding work coaching recreational gymnastics. Ikeda, the mother of Olympic athletes Ken and Richard Ikeda, has spent more than 25 years at Twisters introducing generations of children to gymnastics.

Coquitlam’s Vivien Symington is the leader in B.C. in using gymnastics for special needs children. Her Empowering Steps Movement Therapy Program serves about 100 children annually, both with autism and other types of motor impairments.   Preliminary research suggest that the program produces highly significant improvements in many key areas for children with disabilities.

Other award recipients:

  • Gymnastics BC Volunteer of the Year: Tami Mitchell (Whistler Gymnastics)

  • Gymnastics Volunteer Team of the Year: Organizing Committee of the 2013 Artistic Gymnastics BC Championships (Prince George Gymnastics)

  • ProMotion Plus Emerging Gymnastics Leader of the Year: Jesse Jakins (Okanagan Gymnastics) (Kelowna)

  • Gymnastics BC Scholarships: Christina Marr (Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics), Scott Nabata (Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre), Poppy Quinlan  (Shasta Trampoline), Trevor Stirling   (Okanagan Gymnastics)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Awards

  • Karen Kelsall Provincial Stream Athlete of the Year: Ilka Juk (Omega Gymnastics)

  • Sandra Hartley National Stream Athlete of the Year:  Haley deJong (Flicka Gymnastics)

  • Kate Richardson Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year: Shallon Olsen (Omega Gymnastics)

  • Gladys Hartley Provincial Stream Coaches of the Year: Svetlana Lashina, Vladimir Lashin  (Omega Gymnastics)

  • Sev Heiberg National Stream Coaches of the Year: Vasile Cosariu, David Kenwright, Dorina Stan (Flicka Gymnastics)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Awards

  • Richard Ikeda National Stream Athlete of the Year: Michael Sibley (Flicka Gymnastics)

  • Bill Mackie High Performance Athlete of the Year: Darren Wong (Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics)

  • Owen Walstrom Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year: Scott Morgan (Flicka Gymnastics)

  • Stan Wilkes Provincial Level Coach of the Year: Norihiko Horie (Okanagan Gymnastics Centre)

  • John Tutte National Level Coach of the Year: Ken Ikeda, Mits Ikeda, Richard Ikeda (Twisters Gymnastics)

Trampoline Gymnastics Awards

  • Provincial Female Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Jane Harrigan (Shasta Trampoline)

  • National Female Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Emily Schmidt  (Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre)

  • Outstanding Female Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Tamara O’Brien (TAG)

  • Provincial Male Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Gavin Dodd  (Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre)

  • National Male Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Liam Doherty (Shasta Trampoline)

  • Outstanding Male Trampoline Gymnastics Athlete of the Year: Kyle Carragher (TAG)

  • Provincial Level Trampoline Gymnastics Club of the Year: Shasta Trampoline (New Westminster)

  • National Level Trampoline Gymnastics Coaches of the Year: Barb Fraser, Krystal Fraser (TAG)

Recreational Gymnastics Awards

  • Gymnastics For All Leader of the Year: Penny Erickson (Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre)

  • PLAY Gymnastics Club of the Year: Whistler Gymnastics

  • PLAY Gymnastics Coaches of the Year: Shelley Inroy  (Kimberley Gymnastics), Alejandra Mendoza (Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics), Marcela Lizeca (Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics)

Judging Service Pins

  • Five years: Carmella Batke, Mike Bryde, Debra Davidson, Carol Garcia, Crystal Gilhooly,Kristyne Makortoff, David Naismith, Corey Nonis, Kristina Sharp, Susan Willett

  • Ten years: Susanne May, Georgina Nerpio, Alena Pavia, Devena Steinmann

  • Fifteen years: Gord Robinson

  • Twenty years: Mike Hood, Debbie McCready, Carole Williamson

  • Twenty-five years: Gord Bennett

Hosting Recognition

  • 2013 Western Gymnaestrada: Nanaimo Gymnastics School

  • 2013 Artistic Gymnastics BC Championships: Prince George Gymnastics

  • 2013 Trampoline Gymnastics BC Championships: Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre  

  • 2012 GBC Congress: Club Aviva