Help Alanna Jones Recover After a Life-Changing Accident

The gymnastics community is banding together to help Alanna Jones, who suffered a more than 20 foot fall after climbing a tree with her friends in August. When Jones hit the ground, she broke her neck and was paralyzed. She is currently a quadriplegic with no use of her legs and arms.

John Carroll, Men's Artistic Gymnastics Coordinator at GBC and Competitive Program Director at Surrey Gymnastics Society (SGS), watched Jones grow up at SGS alongside her sisters, Kelsey and Kristy. Jones had retired from competitive gymnastics just two months before her accident, and was coaching young gymnasts at SGS.  

On Monday, Carroll launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the Jones family cover the costs associated with Alanna's rehabilitation. From a wheelchair accessible van to home renovations and ongoing medical fees—the expenses will likely exceed the $100,000 target Carroll has set for Jones' GoFundMe campaign. 

Jones is currently in recovery at GF Strong Rehabilitation Center, and Carroll is optimistic about her recovery: "She is quite the fighter, she is very strong, she was a gymnast, they are some of the strongest animals on the planet. I'm pretty positive there will be more progress made for sure." 

Click here to make a contribution to Alanna's GoFundMe campaign.