Keegan Soehn bounces to surprise victory at Elite Canada trampoline meet | Medals for BC athletes!

Keegan Soehn of Red Deer, Alta., kicked off his 2012 trampoline season with a bang on Friday, edging brother Kyle for the men’s title at Elite Canada.

Top-ranked Jason Burnett of Toronto, who needed to finish either first or second to clinch Canada’s lone Olympic berth in men’s trampoline, faltered in the final and wound up 10th in an open competition for both youth and senior competitors.

A silver medal winner at the last Olympics in 2008, Burnett will have another chance to book his return ticket to the Games at a second qualification meet at the end of April in Gatineau, Que.

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BC Athletes had a strong competition highlighted by gold on men's synchro by Liam Doherty and Duncan Blais of Shasta:

Tiana Hesmert (Club Aviva): 27th* TR, 12th DMT
Trevor Stirling (Okanagan): 7th TR
Samantha Smith (Okanagan): 3rd TR
Ben Blais (Shasta):  8th TR, 11th DMT, 2nd SY
Tyler Edwards (Shasta): 20th* TR, 13th DMT, 2nd SY
Cameron Quinlan (Shasta):  21st* TR, 12th DMT
Liam Doherty (Shasta): 22nd* TR, 26th*, 1st SY
Duncan Blais (Shasta): 23rd* TR, 29th* DMT, 1st SY
Matthew Bloudov (Shasta): 27th* TR,  14th DMT
Connor Doherty  (Shasta): 34th* TR, 21st* DMT
Olivia Bortolazzo (Shasta): 9th TR
Poppy Quinlan (Shasta): 15th TR, 10th DMT, 2nd SY
Brittany Falconer (Shasta): 34th* TR,  17th*  DMT, 2nd SY
Jordan Wilmshurst (Shasta):  24th* TR, 24th* DMT

* Preliminary result

Complete Results