Medal Haul for Team BC at TG Canadian Championships

Team BC was a top contender at the 2017 Canadian Championships in Trampoline Gymnastics, held in Oshawa, ON from July 13-16.  With 19 individual medals, 6 national titles and 5 team awards, Team BC finished off the competition season with soaring success. The top performer was Gavin Dodd of Kamloops Gymnastics Trampoline Centre, who walked away with three individual medalsincluding gold in trampoline—and three team awards. Read on for the BC medalists from the 2017 Canadian Championships:

Owen Armstrong (Flip City): Gold (DMT), Silver (Team DMT)

Adin Brenner (Nanaimo): Bronze (Team TUM)

Kristina Dodd (KGTC): Silver (DMT), Bronze (TUM), Silver (Team DMT)

Gavin Dodd (KGTC): Gold (TR), Silver (DMT), Silver (TUM), Bronze (Team TR), Silver (Team DMT), Bronze (Team TUM)

Max Fishman (TAG): Bronze (DMT), Silver (Team DMT)

Jane Harrigan (Shasta): Gold (Team TR)

Gabby Flynn (Whistler): Gold (DMT)

Jared Khalifa (TAG): Bronze (TUM), Bronze (Team TUM)

Gigi Kranjc (Whistler): Silver (TR)

Anna MacDonald (PRG): Silver (TR), Gold (Team TR)

Andrew Martin (OGC): Bronze (TR)

Declan McLean (Shasta): Bronze (TR)

Blake Mould (Nanaimo): Gold (TR), Bronze (DMT), Bronze (Team TR)

Tamara O’Brien (Shasta): Gold (DMT), Silver (Team DMT)

Sierra Schuler (Nanaimo): Silver (Team DMT)

Samantha Smith (Shasta): Silver (TR), Gold (Team TR)

Connar Tomalty (Flip City): Silver (Team DMT)

Artem Tykhov (Aviva): Silver (DMT), Bronze (Team TR)

Jett Williams (Whistler): Bronze (Team TR)

Jordyn Yendley (OGC): Gold (DMT), Gold (Team TR), Silver (Team DMT)

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